5 years ago | random thoughts

be present

When you find yourself lost or overwhelmed. Stop what your doing, be selfish for a moment. Figure out where you are, remember where you came from, and think about where you want to go. Once there is clarity then continue…

5 years ago | random thoughts


where one fails only one can fix. it is in the willingness and effort within oneself that achieves. only one that sees can only control their actions and mindset in order to see progress. one must contribute in order to…

5 years ago | random thoughts

Open mind

In order to start thinking out of the box, the box must not exist.

5 years ago | random thoughts

creative knowledge

Become knowledgeable. We are in a world where knowledge is at our fingertips. Why rely on others when you can get the answers yourself. Spend some time, research.  The more you know the more depth of knowledge you gain. Turn…

5 years ago | random thoughts

all in you

Find your passion within before finding the passion without. Know thyself before seeking outwards. Know before seeking. Get comfortable with yourself before moving outward. Having the confidence of what you’ve got before seeking what you are looking for. Never stop…

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