January 1, 2019

So here I am starting a blog.  I’ve wanted to start one for a while, and I’ve thought my writing was never good enough. Then I thought “maybe I’ll get an editor to help me,” but then it would be filtered for the public eye. And if you know me, that’s not how I roll. I say what is on my mind. I’m raw and unfiltered. Why should I hold that back in my writing, that’s not who I am. I make up words, my punctuation might not always be spot on, but that’s me. Sometimes I write run-ons because that’s how my brain is spitting it out. I’m quirky. So I will make mistakes in this blog, and that’s ok because I’m not perfect. I make mistakes. I try to own up when I’m wrong because that’s where we learn more about ourselves, in our mess ups. You will read about my life experiences raw, unfiltered and flawed. Hopefully, you can connect to my, and I encourage you to engage in the topics that excite you most.

I look forward to sharing my stories and more importantly hope you enjoy reading them!

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