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Back to Reality.
{Part 3}

We walk off the plane, not a soul in sight besides our fellow passengers from our flight. We walk through passport control like it was three in the morning. At the baggage claim, we are the only carousel queued up.…

1 year ago | health , mental health , soul

The Journey Home.
{Part 2}

The day before we were to leave, I wake up to what we like to call a “Kaisertag” or “King’s Day” or “Blue Bird,” not a cloud in the sky, and we get to ski my favorite place in the…

1 year ago | health , mental health , soul

Coming from one hot spot to the next.
{Part 1}

Now that I have digested a little bit, I can now tell you the experience I have gone through with the COVID-19 outbreak. My outlook is not medical but one through the eyes of someone working hard and trying to…

2 years ago | mind , nerd talk

Nerd Talk.

The World Wide Web is not an easy thing to understand. Maybe that’s why is it’s referred to as a web. Since many don’t know what the internet consists of or even the meaning of some “tech” terms, I thought…

2 years ago | mental health , mind

Vacation Mode

After busting my a$$ all spring and summer, I felt I needed some time off to recharge my batteries. Not to say that I didn’t enjoy my summer, I did; however, my computer demanded more face time. Usually, when I…

2 years ago | mental health , mind

Back to Basics

Sometimes when our world starts to spin out of control, it becomes overwhelming quickly. The chaos that surrounds us consumes us, making it had to find the light. Maybe we feel out of control. Perhaps we think we have no…

Back to Basics
2 years ago | mental health , mind


Last year at this time my life had a significant shift. From change comes growth, and boy has this year been a year of growth. I have learned that through some of the darkest days inner peace can still be…

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